Who We Are. What We Do.

We are academics, researchers, and professionals with extensive experience in information sciences and hospitality.

We undertake applied research in information systems that convert hospitality values into a competitive advantage.

More precisely, we help people and businesses from all industries to grow by adopting hospitality concepts and practices.

Open mindsets are hospitable. They are open to new ideas. We provide dedicated hospitality plans for InnoTech companies and Startups in various fields.

Museums and Art spaces are typically concerned by hospitality. The Visitor experience and other points are key elements to monitor. Hospitality touch points are implemented in the most famous museum in the world.

Architecture and Design should impact positively the client experience. The hospitality approach sheds the light on details that bring convenience to dimensions, in such a way to reduce costs and boost business performance.

Our hospitality approach complements the existing offers in terms of hospitality solutions for sports organizations and events. However, we provide more holistic hospitality touch points that integrate sports initiatives and projects on different levels.

Not all shopping malls are attractive and welcoming. We offer a global approach that addresses two layers of Hospitality touch points. The first concerns the Mall style and identity, the second layer addresses clients experience with the different shops and brands inside the Mall.

Attractive territories make destinations more competitive and nations stronger. Our systemic approach to territory and destination development allows us to foster the attractiveness of regions, by adopting  a holistic perspective to Hospitality.  We help authorities to foster territorial intelligence. Our hospitality touch points concern not only the touristic elements of a destination, but cover all the economical sectors of the territory.

Our touch points concern all the interactive moments with clients. We induce a form of microscopic awareness that makes hair and body professionals receptive to details that cannot be grasped without the hospitality approach.

We provide hospitality in hospitals. Hospitality touch-points concern the pre-arrival, the stay as well as the after stay period. However, that is not limited to patients experience only, but to all professionals and other parties that influence the hospital experience.

This is a matter of Hospitality that relates to respect , trust and credibility of public service institutions.  In this sense, we address the crucial need for hospitality and quality interactions with citizens inside public institutions  in most of the countries around the globe. 

Whatever it is a classical Taxi or another disrupting mobility mode, the quality of service in the transportation sector is a cutting edge factor. In this sense, the benefit is directly related to hospitality. Punctuality, hygiene, freshness, security and safety, etiquette, efficiency, discretion and doing the extra mile, are between many hospitality touch points that we provide, for achieving competitive advantage in the transportation business. 

The booming of disruptive online lodging has allowed many private property owners to compete with hotel chains which dominated the market for a long time. If such revolutionary change has increased the diversity of lodging  offers, it has decreased the quality of these offers in many cases, due to the lack of hospitality experience.We propose a large panel of hospitality touch points that allow private family owned lodging facilities to grow by providing outstanding hospitality services. We make this possible by implementing adapted hospitality programs, contextual processes, as well as other personalized practices that make these properties unique and competitive. 

In many regions of the world, wine makers and farmers family businesses are diversifying their offers by integrating new ones,  such as wine and agro-tourism. Those families are passionate about what they do, and most often, they perform their core activities very well.  However, many times, they do not have all the resources needed to sustain the services they provide in terms of hospitality. We help wine and agro-tourism family owned properties to reach the essential quality of hospitality, through touch points that add authenticity to  businesses and make them more attractive in the growing and competitive market of wine and agro-tourism.

It is not about seniors living in properties only. It is about Hospitality that make the life experience of seniors more decent, comfortable and adapted to their specific needs. Therefore, the approach to senior living is global and multifaceted. We provide hospitality touch points that cover seniors’ lives, the staff, families, as well as other related factors that are specific to senior living experience. This makes seniors touch the substance of hospitality in their daily lives.

Our services  helps schools and potential students during their decision path. This leads to more enrollment, engagement , quality of education and better satisfaction of students.  We help schools to foster the admission, the pre-arrival and arrival experience, as well as the stay experience and the departure, leading to more attractiveness and outstanding alumni experience.

We help banks and financial institutions to integrate and manage a portfolio of hospitality touch points that revolutionize the banking experience from a client satisfaction perspective.

We provide hospitality touch points that makes the military sector more attractive to be engaged in, improves the well being of detention centers employees, and fosters the quality of service of private security agencies.