Who We Are. What We Do.

“Elevating Customer Experience (CX) through Hospitality”

We are academics, researchers, and professionals with extensive experience in information sciences and hospitality.

We specialize in applied research within the realm of information systems, with a key focus on integrating Customer Experience (CX) at the core of our endeavors. Through CX, we transform hospitality values into a formidable competitive advantage.

Therefore, we help people and businesses from all industries to grow by optimizing their CX journey through the integration of outstanding hospitality touchpoints.  

Open mindsets are instrumental in fostering exceptional Customer Experiences. They embrace new ideas and possibilities, which is why we offer tailored hospitality plans specifically designed to cater to InnoTech companies and startups across diverse fields. By infusing our services with a deep understanding of Customer Experience, we ensure that our clients receive not only innovative solutions but also a warm and welcoming environment that supports their growth and success.

Museums and art spaces have long recognized the significance of hospitality in enhancing the overall Customer Experience. The visitor experience, among other critical facets, remains a focal point for continual improvement. It’s worth noting that even the world’s most renowned museums have strategically implemented hospitality touch points to ensure that every guest’s encounter with art and culture is not only enriching but also leaves a lasting and positive impression.

In the realm of architecture and design, a primary objective is to create spaces that not only visually impress but also significantly enhance the Customer Experience. This approach to design, akin to the principles of hospitality, places a strong emphasis on meticulous attention to detail. By focusing on these details, we can craft environments that seamlessly integrate convenience into every dimension, thereby not only reducing operational costs but also contributing to an overall improvement in business performance. In essence, customer-centric design principles amplify the positive impact of architecture and design on the client experience

Our unique value lies in  embedding  hospitality touch points specifically designed to enhance the overall Customer Experience, ensuring that fans, athletes, and all stakeholders can enjoy a more immersive and satisfying engagement with the world of sports.

It’s clear that not all shopping malls are equally attractive and welcoming to visitors. Our  CX approach  takes a global perspective, encompassing two crucial layers of Hospitality touch points. The first layer is dedicated to shaping the mall’s style and identity, ensuring it exudes an inviting ambiance that resonates with shoppers. The second layer delves into the Customer Experience within the mall’s individual shops and the various brands it houses. By nurturing these two layers, we aim to create a seamless and enjoyable journey for customers, fostering a shopping environment that not only looks appealing but also leaves a lasting, positive impression on their overall experience.

Creating attractive territories is paramount in enhancing the competitiveness of destinations and strengthening nations as a whole. Our unique approach to territory and destination development is deeply rooted in the principles of Customer Experience. We take a systemic view, adopting a holistic perspective on Hospitality to elevate the appeal of regions. By doing so, we assist authorities in nurturing territorial intelligence.

Our approach to hospitality touch points goes beyond the conventional focus on touristic elements within a destination. Instead, we encompass all economic sectors of the territory, ensuring that every facet of the visitor and resident experience is optimized. Through this comprehensive strategy, we not only bolster the touristic appeal but also contribute to the overall prosperity and well-being of the region, enriching the Customer Experience at every level.

Our approach places significant emphasis on Customer Experience, and this philosophy is reflected in our meticulous attention to touch points that encompass all interactive moments with our clients. We instill a form of microscopic awareness among hair and body professionals, enabling them to tune into details that might otherwise go unnoticed. It’s through this lens of hospitality that we enhance the client’s journey, ensuring that every aspect of their experience is enriched with attention to the finest nuances, ultimately leading to a more satisfying and memorable interaction.

In our hospital services, we prioritize the integration of Customer Experience at every stage. Our comprehensive hospitality approach encompasses a spectrum of touch points, including pre-arrival, the duration of the stay, and even the post-stay period. It’s essential to emphasize that our commitment to enhancing Customer Experience extends beyond the patients alone. We recognize that all professionals and various parties involved play a pivotal role in shaping the overall hospital experience. By adopting a holistic perspective, we aim to ensure that everyone involved, from patients to healthcare providers and support staff, contributes to creating a more compassionate, comforting, and satisfying healthcare journey for all.

The importance of Customer Experience cannot be overstated when considering public service institutions. It directly impacts the respect, trust, and credibility that these institutions command from the public they serve. In light of this, we place a strong emphasis on addressing the fundamental requirement for hospitality and high-quality interactions with citizens within public institutions. This commitment extends to countries worldwide, recognizing the universal need for fostering positive and meaningful engagements that not only enhance the service experience but also strengthen the vital relationships between citizens and their government.

Whether it’s a traditional taxi service or any of the emerging disruptive mobility modes, the transportation sector’s success hinges on the quality of service provided. In this context, the concept of Customer Experience is paramount. Factors such as punctuality, hygiene, freshness, security and safety, etiquette, efficiency, discretion, and going the extra mile are just a few of the many hospitality touch points that we meticulously address. These elements are integral to achieving a competitive advantage in the transportation business, as they directly influence passengers’ satisfaction and loyalty, highlighting the central role of Customer Experience in this industry.

The rise of disruptive online lodging platforms has opened the door for numerous private property owners to enter the market, challenging the dominance of hotel chains that have long held sway. While this revolutionary shift has undeniably expanded the diversity of lodging options available, it has also, unfortunately, led to a decline in the quality of offerings in many instances, primarily due to the absence of a well-rounded hospitality experience.

Recognizing this challenge, we offer a comprehensive range of hospitality touch points designed to empower private family-owned lodging facilities. Our goal is to facilitate their growth by delivering exceptional hospitality services. We achieve this by implementing tailored hospitality programs, contextually-driven processes, and a host of personalized practices that not only render these properties unique but also equip them to compete effectively in the dynamic and competitive lodging industry, ultimately enhancing the Customer Experience for all guests.

In numerous regions across the globe, family-owned businesses in the wine and agriculture sector are diversifying their offerings by venturing into wine and agro-tourism. These families are deeply passionate about their core activities, often excelling in them. However, they may not always possess the necessary resources to fully support the hospitality aspects of their services.

This is where we come in, working closely with wine and agro-tourism family-owned properties to elevate the essential quality of hospitality they provide. Through a range of carefully curated touch points, we infuse authenticity into their businesses, making them more attractive and competitive in the ever-expanding market of wine and agro-tourism. By doing so, we enhance the Customer Experience for visitors, ensuring that they not only enjoy outstanding products but also a memorable and enriching journey through these family enterprises.

Senior living goes beyond just residing in properties; it’s about enriching the life experiences of seniors, ensuring that they are not only comfortable but also tailored to their unique needs. In this regard, our approach to senior living is holistic and multifaceted, centered on enhancing the Customer Experience.

We offer a wide array of hospitality touch points that encompass every aspect of seniors’ lives, extending to the staff, families, and other factors unique to the senior living experience. By doing so, we make sure that seniors encounter the essence of hospitality in their daily lives, creating an environment that fosters not only their physical well-being but also their emotional and social fulfillment, thereby enriching their overall quality of life.

Our services play a pivotal role in assisting schools and prospective students throughout their decision-making journey. This comprehensive approach directly impacts key factors such as enrollment rates, student engagement, educational quality, and overall student satisfaction.

We collaborate with schools to enhance the Customer Experience at every stage of a student’s academic journey. This encompasses fostering a seamless admission process, ensuring a positive pre-arrival and arrival experience, creating an enriching stay experience, and facilitating a smooth departure. As a result, schools become more attractive to potential students, leading to increased enrollment, and students enjoy an outstanding educational journey that not only meets but exceeds their expectations. This, in turn, contributes to a thriving alumni network that further reinforces the school’s reputation and the quality of education it offers.

We specialize in assisting banks and financial institutions in seamlessly integrating and managing a diverse portfolio of hospitality touchpoints. This innovative approach aims to revolutionize the entire banking experience, placing a strong emphasis on enhancing client satisfaction throughout their journey. By strategically incorporating customer experience principles, we empower these institutions to create meaningful connections with their clients, resulting in a more personalized and gratifying banking interaction.

We offer a range of hospitality touchpoints designed to elevate the overall experience within the military sector, promoting its attractiveness as a field for engagement. Additionally, we focus on enhancing the well-being of detention center employees through these touchpoints, fostering a more positive work environment. Furthermore, our solutions contribute to the overall quality of service delivered by private security agencies, all while prioritizing customer experience to ensure every interaction is both efficient and satisfying.