Who We Are.

We are academics, researchers, and professionals with extensive experience in information sciences and hospitality. 

What We Do.

We help people and businesses from all industries to grow by optimizing their Customer and Employee Experience (C/E/X) through the integration of outstanding hospitality touch-points.

Mission 2

Our Mission

Our mission is to elevate Customer and Employee Experience (C/E/X) through Hospitality concepts

Our Vision

We trust Hospitality is a virtue for individuals and organizations. We understand it is a source for prosperity for all businesses, and we aim to induce quality change in the world by spreading hospitality values across all industries.

Vision 3

Our Values

Our values are sourced in the discernment of an emblematic figure of Switzerland,  “Nicholas of Flüe” who has convinced the cantons to avoid civil war back in 1481. Thus, he contributed to the bonding of the Swiss Confederation. On a scientific register pertaining to information, our applied research uses informational discernment to foster cooperation within the human, social and technological systems. Furthermore, our values are rooted in Swiss Hospitality principles. They are candles with never-ending lights, reflecting the rays of quality, experience, innovation, leadership, creativity, ethics, and excellence of services. We touch the substance of Hospitality through information-based actions that lead to collective intelligence, growth, sustainability, and profit.