The Concept

The concept behind Higher Hospitality Academy of Switzerland is rooted in Hospitality Values that go beyond the frames of Hotels’ businesses.

Today, the Hospitality and Tourism industry concerns mainly four sectors:

1. Food and beverage, 2. Travel and Tourism, 3. Lodging and 4. Recreation


At Higher Hospitality Academy of Switzerland, we apply Hospitality concepts across all industries in such a way to bring definitive answers to the needs of businesses in terms of outstanding quality services.

Based on an applied-research-specific approach to informational discernment, our solutions lead to real business growth, competitive advantage, and quality experiences. The breakdown of our services is clearly formulated on the services page.

Higher Values:

The study of the etymology of Hospitality reveals historical facts about deeper Values that go above the actual frames of the hospitality industry, represented in its four sectors The origin of the word “Hospitality” is rooted in two Latin words: “Hospes” and “Hostis”. “Hospes” refers also to “Hospitalis”, from which the word “Hospital” comes. “Hostis” refers to a “Host”, a “Guest” or a “Visitor”. The Latin dictionary brings more precision about Hospitality in which “Hostis”, or ” Host” refers also to a “stranger”. We adopt the perception of Hospitality that surpasses the classical understanding of a Host as a “Client” or “King”. Moreover, historical evidence has shown that the original meaning of a host, overcomes the fact of being a simple “stranger”. In this sense, in ancient books, a “Stranger” can be defined as an “Enemy” too.  Finally, our values at Higher Hospitality Academy of Switzerland give high importance to the original Hospitality, where exceeding expectations by adopting a specific approach to information, is the norm.


We believe in the Good News as the highest information in terms of value, and in Hospitality as the highest act in terms of the acceptance of the Good News.  Therefore, we trust Hospitality is a virtue for individuals and organizations. We understand it is a source for prosperity for all businesses, and we aim to induce quality change in the world by spreading hospitality values across all industries.

Vision 3
Mission 2


We help people and businesses from all industries to achieve competitive advantage and increase profitability, by providing strategic information and impactful services based on Hospitality Values.


Our values are sourced in the discernment of an emblematic figure of Switzerland,  “Nicholas of Flüe” who has convinced the cantons to avoid civil war back in 1481. Thus, he contributed to the bonding of the Swiss Confederation. On a scientific register pertaining to information, our applied research uses informational discernment to foster cooperation within the human, social and technological systems. Furthermore, our values are rooted in Swiss Hospitality principles. They are candles with never-ending lights, reflecting the rays of quality, experience, innovation, leadership, creativity, ethics, and excellence of services. We touch the substance of Hospitality through information-based actions that lead to collective intelligence, growth, sustainability, and profit.


The Reasons

“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.” Henri Ford.

In today’s global competitive settings, something qualitative is missing. Think about businesses, products, services and experiences that failed just because Quality was not as it is expected to be.

“Thank God for competition. When our competitors upset our plans, they open infinite possibilities of our own work to us”. Gil Atkinson


The fierce competition in the markets, the lack of visibility and the incapacity to cope with change have induced a big need for quality products and services, and more specifically the need to create memorable clients experiences.

Internet has shifted power from suppliers to customers. The web and social media push firms to be more transparent in relating to their clients. However, if firms know what to do, most of the time they still do not know how to make a difference. The role of hospitality is to give power to firms by fostering their authenticity when they are exposed to image, reputation and performance vulnerabilities.

There are problems of dissonance between attaining business objectives and the need to consider clients voices and experiences. These defaults are mostly amplified when the urgency to react to instant difficulties, prevails on the purpose of detail brought up by Hospitality Values. So,  instead of embracing Hospitality, it is ignored. Typically, what happens is that unsolved (known) problems, and the lack of awareness of other hidden problems, (unknown until they are revealed), produce organizational indifference and lead to business failure.

We provide services  to all industries, based on hospitality values. Under this perspective, we shift your business from statements to innovative experiences, so you attain competitive advantage.