Dr. Roger Obeid has an extensive educational and career path: Glion Institute M.S in Innovation and Entrepreneurship; Cornell University in Hospitality Management, Mc Gill University in Marketing Management, USCP-UAP MBA; University of Montpellier Ph.D.

Roger is a university lecturer with more than 30 years of practice in hospitality consultancy, engineering, and design across different continents (Americas, Africa Europe, and the Middle East). He has been an active member of the Foodservice Consultants Society International Association, and he spent more than 15 years part of the board of trustees where he developed a strong international network.

Dr. Obeid has been volunteering in various associations. He was inspired to dedicate intense work time to the inclusion of motor and hearing impaired persons, by allowing them to be a strategic workforce for the hospitality industry.

His broad professional curiosity, backed by creativity and solid technical versatility, lead him to implement innovative solutions in this challenging field. Respectively, this accomplishment was rewarded by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), when he received the award of innovation for the year 2021.