Coach your teams for increasing the quality of Service 

  • Keep on consistency when service is delivered by different persons

Sustain the loyalty of your existing clients

  • Audit , Analyze and Enhance your Clients Relations approach

Re-think and Design the Clients’ Experience

  • Sequence your offer: Before /Service/ After 
  • Benefit from the   “Extra Mile Hospitality Training”: Apply Etiquette and Discretion / Be Efficient and Punctual / Provide Hygiene, Freshness, Safety and Security to your clients 
  • Know how to create and deliver unique personalized services for VIPs

Implement Hospitality Plans for Specific Fields for increasing global performance

  • Hospitality plan for family owned lodging facilities and agro-tourism businesses
  • Hospitality plan for Senior living properties
  • Hospitality plan for Education institutions and Students: 
    • Are you an Academic Director ?  Make your school more attractive by augmenting the visibility of your offer and academic  programs.
    • Are you a Potential Student?  Know how to choose the best school and education program for your future, based on our global  hospitality approach for student life experience
  • Hospitality plan for Military corps, Detention Centers and Private Security Services providers
  • Hospitality plan for Destinations, Territories and Regions: Increase the hospitality of your Region / Be visible with smart packages


Consolidate your Image and Boost your Reputation by Hospitality

Coach your teams for increasing sales by Hospitality

Attract new customers by Hospitality

Hospitality Training Program for Risk,  Crisis and Recovery  management plans

  • Build a culture that Embraces Messengers 
  • Anticipate and find best Alternative Solutions 
  • Learn how to do “WOW Stories” that impress your clients and increase your profit 
  • Instaure Transparent communication processes
  • Learn how to deal with worst scenario situations
  • Transform complaints to new business opportunities

Portfolio Service Management Training 

  • Learn how to provide quality services for different types of clients and needs
  • Address the fragmented experiences of clients using the hospitality holistic experiential approach

Control and Cut your Costs for augmenting profit margin

  • Use specific scales to measure, evaluate , cut and adjust costs in relation to purchase prices, process operations and selling prices
  • Know how to implement Project Reporting, Analysis and Interpretation for identifying success and failure factors

Hospitality Development / Training / Appraisal program

  • Reduce your staffing cost and turn over by implementing outstanding hospitality training, development and appraisal programs
  • Foster your Employees productivity by providing Wellbeing programs

Implement Physical, Technological and Managerial infrastructure Hospitality touch points

  • Implement an Integrated Hospitality Support System
  • Bring convenience, safety and usefulness to physical, architectural and  interior design dimensions
Higher Hospitality Academy of Switzerland



We undertake a Business Efficiency Design (BED) which allow our clients to:

  • Know their Business Current Needs (BCN) in terms of Hospitality.
  • Establish a map of Hospitality Touch Points (HTP) leading to competitive advantage


Based on the established map of Hospitality Touch Points (HTP), we undertake Team and Leadership coaching sessions that shift our clients from value and quality statements to Experiences offered to our clients. Such Practices are mesurable and lead to concrete outcomes.

Higher Hospitality Academy of Switzerland



We provide you with all the tools to build and Implement your Strategic Hospitality Plan (SHP). The scope of  action could be holistic (engaging the entire value chain of the organization), or focused (departmental / production / service / Marketing and Sales etc…).

  • Get unique consultancy services, coaching  and step by step assistance for implementing your Strategic Hospitality Plan (SHP)
  • Achieve Higher Business Performance and Profitability by touching the substance of Hospitality throughout your value chain activities
  • Measure (quantitatively and qualitatively) your business performance concretely through a large panel of indicators ( cost saving, profit increase, resource sustainability, turn over reduction etc…)